Camping In Rocky Mountain National Park

For my partner’s birthday we (he) decided we should go camping at Moraine Park in Rocky Mountain National Park.  This is the second National Park that we’ve camped in, the other being Yellowstone, and there were a lot of similarities.  I wanted to write an overview of the trip as well as a review of the campground in case anyone is interested in visiting.

Gear We Took:

  • REI Passage 2 – a two person tent that is fairly easy to set up, and provides us with just enough room.  My partner is 6’4″; I’m 5’1″, and there isn’t much room to spare, but it’s such a compact tent and I love how it takes up almost no room to pack.
    • We also brought the footprint for the tent, which we had to buy separately.
  • Teton Double Sleeping Bag – we’ve used this one for awhile now, and I’m always warm and comfy (as much as you can be laying while on the ground).
  • Two extra sleeping bags to put under the double sleeping bag.  Extra padding never hurt anyone.
  • Magellan Camping Pillow – what I really need to start doing is just bringing my regular pillow camping, but this little guy is super convenient and really comfortable!  Can you tell I’m all about comfort?
  • Cast iron skillet
  • Toiletries
  • Change of clothes
  • Lawn chairs.  We didn’t really need them since there was a picnic table, but it was nice to bring them close to the fire.

Moraine Park Overview:

  • Our campsite (#4) was very close to the neighboring campsite, which wouldn’t have bothered me if they weren’t so loud all night.  Other campsites are more isolated so be aware when you pick ahead of time.
  • The flush toilets were within walking distance – a HUGE plus for me.  The campsite we stayed at last month only had vault toilets…not my favorite.
  • The campsite fills up well in advance, so we reserved the campsite 6 months in advance.  Plan ahead!
  • We had a lovely view of a meadow and mountain, which was a perfect backdrop for watching the Perseid meteor shower.
    Moraine Park Campground
  • The campsite was clean and the toilet/wash area was clean as well.
  • Bear boxes are shared with nearby campsites, but ours was really close and convenient.
  • The cost for the night was $26, which we paid for when we reserved the campsite 6 months ago.  Much cheaper than a hotel room, if you’re willing to do a little work and sacrifice a few amenities.

    Moraine Park Campground Rocky Mountain National Park

    View of our campground from above.

Notable Events:

  • We heard coyotes in the night, and they were far enough away that I was able to enjoy their sounds instead of being scared of them.
  • A doe and her baby walked right through our campsite.
  • The Perseid meteor shower peaked the night we were there (part of the reason we went) and we were able to see a few meteors.
    Bear Lake Rocky Mountain National Park

Have you ever camped in a National Park?  What was your experience?

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 5.11.28 PM

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