How to Save Money on Your Wedding Flowers

If I had an unlimited wedding budget I would absolutely go crazy with the flowers. I would have a carpet of fresh flowers if money were no object – I really love flowers that much. Unfortunately we have a very limited budget and something had to get cut, and you guessed it. It was flowers. When you consider that they are non-essential decorations that die within hours of the wedding it can be an easy decision to cut them. Here are my tips for replacing or saving money on flowers. 

  1. Use in season flowers. It’s like buying in-season fruit.  In season flowers are more abundant, fresher and more accessible.  Ask a florist or do a Google search to find the best flowers for your wedding date.

    cheap wedding flowers

    Mums are in season during the fall and are super cheap!

  2. Buy wholesale flowers. There are local markets in big cities as well as websites such as Try making a small purchase ahead of the wedding day to check the quality of the vendor and shipping times.
  3. Buy flowers from your local grocery store. I always see discounted flowers at our grocery store, and if you time it well you can definitely get flowers for a small wedding from your grocery store at discounted prices.
  4. Buy fake flowers from a hobby store. Check out Hobby Lobby and/or Michaels and definitely use a coupon with your purchase.  Michaels has a teacher discount as well as coupons, and Hobby Lobby periodically has 50% off of their flowers.
  5. Make silk/fabric flowers. I was in a wedding where the bride’s sister made all the flowers by hand (!!). If you have someone who is super crafty and willing to put in some time for you you could save a boat load on flowers.  You could also teach yourself how to do it – there’s plenty of YouTube tutorials.
  6. Use flowers from a garden. Talk to a neighbor, relative, or friend who has a green thumb and ask if you can use flowers from their garden.  Give them plenty of heads up and they may even be able to plant some specific flowers for you!  I’m sure they would be very flattered to know that you love their garden and would love to share their passion with you.
  7. Choose different centerpieces. Who wrote the rule book and said you HAVE to have flower centerpieces anyway?  Literally, no one.  People probably won’t even notice if you didn’t have flower centerpieces, and even if they do notice – who cares? Put candles on the table, a cute lantern, or even potted plants from your house! You could also make the centerpiece be a bowl of candy which could do double duty as your favors for the evening.
  8. Get smaller bouquets.  Have your bridesmaid’s each carry a single rose or calla lily, and go with a smaller bouquet for the bride.
  9. Don’t get flowers. At all.  Just don’t buy any. You’ll still be married at the end of the day anyway! 🙂

Do you have any tips for how to save money on flowers at your wedding?  I’d love to hear them! Leave a comment below.

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