August 2017 Budget Recap

August 2017Budget Recap


  1. We came under budget in gas!  Probably because I work from home now and hardly ever go anywhere 🙂
  2. All bills were on budget.  They usually are, but no one likes an over budget surprise!
  3. We got a $685 credit from the home warranty company for replacing the furnace.  I couldn’t decide if this was a win or fail so I’m listing it under both.  See below for more info.
  4. I got my first paycheck from my new job!  I actually got double paid this month since I get paid through September from my old job.
  5. I sold a calculator on Amazon and netted about $77 from it.  I LOVE selling stuff!  It satisfies my love of purging stuff and making money – win win.
  6. We officially started the wedding savings fund!  I’m so excited about that 🙂


  1. We went so so so so so over budget on groceries.  Like, the most we’ve ever gone over budget EVER. I’m hanging my head in shame 😦
  2. We had to pay $1500 for a new furnace at the rental property.  So, since they take that money out of rent, and rent is about $1200, we netted $ZERO in rental income this month.  It was a big blow to the budget.  Plus we’ll still owe a little next month.
  3. I over spent on personal money…I thought I needed/could afford new jeans, but I really couldn’t.
  4. All said and done we ended up with about $-84.00.  See that little negative sign in there?  Not cool…but since it could have been much worse having lost our rental income for a month, I’ll take it.

Okay, technically there were more wins than fails, so I’m happy about that!  But ending up in the hole at the end of the month makes it feel like the whole month was a fail 😦  Tomorrow I’ll post my September goals and I’m excited to start a new month and hopefully end up with extra money instead of negative money.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 5.11.28 PM

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