How to Save Money on Your Wedding Venue

Most wedding articles you find will tell you that the venue is the most expensive part of your wedding.  I saw a wedding budget on Pinterest recently that said you should spend half of your wedding budget on the venue.  Um, what?  If you’re trying to save some major moolah on your wedding venue, either for the ceremony or the reception, here are some ideas!

  1. Rent an Airbnb. Lots of people are doing this these days, and I think it’s totally genius.  There are so many unique and charming houses that you can rent for a fraction of the cost that a wedding venue would cost.  Plus you won’t have gotten married at the same place that thousands of other people have, if that’s something that matters to you.
  2. Check local parks. IMG_3246Parks are gorgeous, and they’re free (or very cheap).  Parks have flowers built in to the scenery, so as a bonus you’ll save on your florist bill.  If you’re having a natural/outdoor themed wedding then this is a perfect option.
  3. Check local museums/monuments. Same idea as a local park.  You’ll save heaps of money over a traditional wedding venue, and you’ll have built in interesting backdrop for pictures.
  4. Ask friends/family.  If you know someone who has a big backyard in a convenient location, ask if you can host your ceremony or reception there.  They’ll probably be more willing to host the ceremony (less drunk people = less clean up) but that will help you save on your reception since you’ll need it for less time.  Just be nice and offer to pay them or give them a gift for being so generous.
  5. Look in your own backyard!  If you own a house that has a backyard then invite all your friends over and have a big wedding party at your house!
  6. Get a venue that allows you to be flexible.  If you decide to go with a traditional wedding venue you can still be strategic about saving money.  If you choose a venue that provides their own bar and food then you’re stuck paying their prices.  So find a venue that will let you bring in outside food, drinks, decor, etc.

Where did you get married?  Let me know your venue suggestions below!

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 5.11.28 PM

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