Cheap Breakfast Ideas

I find breakfast to be the easiest meal of the day to save money on.  When it comes to dinner that’s another story, but I put together a list of cheap breakfast ideas to help you save money!

  • Frozen waffles or pancakes.  Make some waffles or pancakes on Sunday and pop them in your freezer for the week.  When you need them just toast them!  Bisquick is cheap and you don’t need many other ingredients to make a big batch.
  • Egg muffins.  Another make ahead option.  Fill muffin tins with bell peppers, sausage, and any other toppings you want, then fill to the top with eggs and bake them.  Once they’re done put them in the fridge and microwave them for breakfast during the week!
  • Plain ol’ eggs.  I just fry up some eggs, or scramble them, and eat them with Frank’s Hot Sauce.  Easy, simple, cheap, & yummy.
  • Oatmeal.  My holy grail breakfast.  I add almond milk and dates and it’s so delish!  You can add berries, apples, nuts, or even brown sugar if you’re feeling a bit naughty.  I always feel so healthy eating oatmeal in the morning and it gets my day off right!
  • Bagels.  So cheap, so yummy (who doesn’t like cream cheese, I mean really?)
  • Cereal. I would eat cereal for every meal but I’ve been told that it’s unhealthy…:/  If you don’t care so much about the healthy aspect then cereal is a great, cheap (and delicious) option.
  • Bread.  Make some banana bread on Sunday and have it all during the week, if you can make it last!  I’m 100% guilty of letting bananas go bad and my excuse is always that I was planning on making banana bread all along (wink!).
  • Yogurt. So cheap!  So healthy!  Add granola, and it’s amazing.

Are you a light breakfast eater, or do you need a big meal in the morning?  Or is it just coffee for you?  Let me know in the comments!

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