December Goals

Ah, the start of a new month! Things are changing around here and we have been talking about new jobs, breaking our lease, moving “home” earlier than planned and returning our leased vehicle early. Potentially a lot of change happening this month, but I am so excited for all of it! I can see the light at the end of the “single-income-in-a-super-expensive-city” life. We have been barely scraping by for over a year now and it feels so good to start pushing the momentum the other direction

Anyway, KNOCK ON WOOD, this is hopefully our last month living on one income and I hope to go out with a bang! Here are my goals for December:

  1. Don’t break the grocery budget. This is sadly a goal every month and I don’t always meet it (womp, womp :(). Groceries…the bane of everyone’s budget.
  2. Cash flow our trip home for Christmas. We will be traveling to Kansas where our families live to celebrate Christmas at the end of the month. I have some savings for this and my goal is not to spend more than what we have saved.
  3. Pay off the remaining months of our Subaru lease and return the vehicle. We currently have 3 cars but we never use the Subaru because we are already over on the allowed lease miles. So, we really don’t need it sitting in the parking lot being vulnerable to more damage that we’ll have to pay for. My goal is to turn it in early (the lease is up in March), pay the last three months payments and walk away from the whole situation. The lease payment has been a burden for us, and the decision to lease a vehicle was made before considering how much our finances would be changing. I have definitely loved having the Subaru, but at this point I am ready to wash my hands of the situation and be smarter about our next vehicle purchase 🙂
  4. Tutor at least once a week. Sometimes tutoring can be a little irregular – students may need to meet more or less than usual depending on what’s going on in their class and their overall schedule. I have two (ish) regular clients currently, so between the two of them I know I can meet the goal of tutoring at least once a week. Hopefully it is closer to twice a week.

So here we are, one month left of 2017! Soon it will be 2018, our wedding year, and our move back to Kansas year. I’m looking forward to all the changes and challenges ahead 🙂


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