December 2017 Budget Recap



  • It’s a three paycheck month! Bless! We were able to save about 90% of the third paycheck to put toward making it through January, since I will be losing my job at the end of December.
  • We spent under $100 on Christmas gifts. I don’t feel like we skimped on anyone, and it was nice to be able to give even small gifts to everyone. Not bad for not having a sinking fund for Christmas all year 😦 .
  • We paid for our trip home with our “Travel Home” sinking fund.
  • I tutored approximately 1,000 hours (#finalexams) and made a good amount of money from that.


  • We busted our personal spending budget, which doesn’t surprise me. I need to get better about “revenge spending”. That sounds terrible now that I type it out, but sometimes I see my partner spend money on camping or a night out and I think, “Why am I sacrificing on purchases if he isn’t?” Which is 1- not true, because he does sacrifice 2- not a healthy way to look at spending and 3- mostly just an excuse for me to buy myself the boots that I’ve been wanting. I want to keep this blog open and honest so I don’t have a problem admitting to this way of thinking, but I do need to be more aware of this type of spending.
  • We still have the lease on our Subaru. I had a dream that we could turn it in early but that didn’t actually happen (and I should have known it wouldn’t).


Overall we had a really great month and I can’t wait to start 2018!

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