January 2018 Goals

JanuaryHow weird is it to write 2018?! I know everyone always says that but it really is totally crazy to me that 2017 is over.

Here are my January financial goals:

  • Make more money online tutoring. I’ve been tutoring in person quite a bit which I will continue but I also want to add some online tutoring to my rotation.
  • Sell things online. We recently decided to downsize majorly since we’ll be moving soon (yikes!). So, before we move in two months I want to sell as many of our items as possible to make some extra money.
  • Add two items to my Teachers Pay Teachers store. I will have more free time this month and I really want to build up my TpT store to make some extra money.
  • NOT go negative. This is going to be a really tight month for us and I want to try as hard as possible to break even. The greatest potential savings is coming from groceries so I’m throwing all my energy into finding cheap healthy meals and coupons! I’m ready to coupon queen it up.
  • Stay positive. I recently lost my job so we are facing some financial hardships and I want to remain calm and positive in this time. Panicking won’t make me more money, and stress doesn’t pay the bills, so I want to face uncertainty and difficulty with a clear mind.

January is really going to be a month of battoning down the hatches for the upcoming move and job loss. Hopefully I’ll have a happier blog post with good news sometime soon 🙂 .

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 5.11.28 PM

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