2017 Wrap Up

Not to sound like a cliche broken record, but HOW IS IT 2018?! Not that I’m complaining – I’m so ready for a new year and a new “leaf”. Plus I love to look back on my goals for the year and see how I did!

Here were my 2017 financial goals:

  1. Plan and budget every month this year.
    We totally did this, two thumbs way up! I made this a goal because I got super overwhelmed in 2016 with moving and combing finances with my then-boyfriend now-fiancé and didn’t budget for about 3 months in 2016. But I am happy to say that we are 100% using a budget.
  2. STICK to the budget each month.
    Ummmmm, well…We did our best at this! We *mostly* broke even each month and at least we didn’t go into further debt, which is the biggest goal at the end of the day. Don’t make the problem worse, but I hope that 2018 we can start making the problem smaller.
  3. Hopefully start saving money for an upcoming event.
    This is so cryptic of me 😉 . I knew that we would be getting engaged this year and wanted to make sure that we were able to save for the upcoming wedding. We have about half of the money saved for the wedding, mostly from re-allocated savings (our old emergency fund became wedding savings fund). The wedding is in October 2018 so we still have a bit of time to save.
  4. Use the library more.
    Another 100% win! I used the library a bunch this week and it helped me reach my goal of reading 20 books in 2017.

So, all in all, it seems like we did really well! I definitely don’t think we were very aggressive as far as paying down debt or saving money for the wedding, but we lived within our means. We were living off of one income the ENTIRE year! That’s so crazy to me, especially considering we live in Boulder, CO which is a pretty expensive area. Sometimes you just have to be happy with surviving 🙂 .

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 5.11.28 PM


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