Cheap Meals – Vegetable Pot Pie

I am on an everlasting quest to find cheap AND healthy meals. I can do cheap all day, and I can also whip up something healthy, but somehow when you try to find a meal in the overlap of the Venn diagram you come up short … a lot.

So I’m an effort to tick both boxes, I made a veggie pot pie tonight. I found the recipe on (I mean, where else would you go for recipes?). The ingredients are just pie crust, cream of potato soup, a can of mixed vegetables and seasoning. So easy!!


It looks pretty good even in my abysmal kitchen lighting 🙂, and it tasted good too!

For health I’d give this a 2/5. There were veggies in it, but overall it doesn’t pack much of a nutrient punch.

For cheap it gets a 5/5. Pie crust was $2, cream of potato $1.50, and mixed veggies were $0.69. Add in about 10 cents for spices and it was $7.30 for the whole pie, or about $1.83 per serving (serves 4).

Next time we’ll try to get closer to the mark for healthy. I’d love to hear your favorite cheap healthy meal ideas!

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