Trying New Recipes During the Holidays

As a person living with anxiety I tend to fall into ruts that disguise themselves as my “comfort zone”. If it were up to me, I’d probably rarely leave the house, never watch a new show, and eat the same thing every day (pasta). I’m what you would call…boring 🙂 .

However, becoming aware of my tendencies and their triggers/causes has been really helpful. Admitting you have a problem is the first step, as they say. SO, I do my best to fight the urge to live a life of monotony (don’t we all fall into the monotony trap sometimes?) and I make an effort to branch out. I even went to a yoga class for the first time last month! Continue reading

December Goals

Ah, the start of a new month! Things are changing around here and we have been talking about new jobs, breaking our lease, moving “home” earlier than planned and returning our leased vehicle early. Potentially a lot of change happening this month, but I am so excited for all of it! I can see the light at the end of the “single-income-in-a-super-expensive-city” life. We have been barely scraping by for over a year now and it feels so good to start pushing the momentum the other direction Continue reading